Choosing the Right Leotard

When starting a new dance class, there is one thing that is needed most of the time. A leotard is the normal attire while learning to dance. When it is time to shop for one you might be surprised by the amount of different leotards out there. You should take your time in choosing the one that you will buy. Leotards should fit your body like a glove, so you might need to try on many different styles and sizes. These are just a few tips to help find the best leotard for you.

Check with your teacher: There are many ballet teachers that have a strict dress code for their students, young and old. Some teachers want a certain color leotards while others like a certain style. Always check with the teacher before shopping.

Choose a style: As noted earlier, there are many different styles of leotards. Some styles include short-sleeved, long-sleeved, sleeveless, tanks, halters and camisoles. Popular brand names include Capezio, Bloch, M. Stevens and Natalie.

Choosing the right material: There are different types of materials used in different leotards. And they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the blend of washable cotton and lycra will offer support and stretchability. But some blends, including newer microfibers, are softer and light weight, but they need to be hand washed.

Try it on: Dance clothes sizes are not the same as your regular clothes. Most of the major dance companies have their own sizing charts, so sizes at one place can be different at another place. The best way to make sure the fit is right, is to try it on. Once the leotard is on, do some stretches to feel out the fit. Raise your arms to see if there are gaps in the material or if it slips off the shoulder. Squat down, like a plie’, to check if there is pinching or gaping around the leg. Try on different styles to find the right one.

Don’t be afraid to try on many different leotards and take your time.