How Drama Classes Can Improve Grades

Many students look at drama classes as a waste of time or just an easy elective. If they don’t want to become an actor, then they see no real reason to take the class. However, there are ways that drama can help improve ones grades in other classes. The following are a few examples in how drama can help many kids.

Leave Your Speech Class Speechless

Public speaking is one of the most common fears for many people. For some it can be very intense. Drama classes can help many people over come these fears. Drama classes will help you stay calm while all eyes are on you. You can learn proper posture, poise, eye-contact and projection. All these skills will give you more confidence to get through any speech required.

These skills will also come in handy when having to participate in a debate or even a mock trial. You can add your new dramatic skills to help prove what ever point you are trying to make. You can definitely outshine your other class mates.

Get a Jump on Literature

Throughout all your schooling, you will probably have to read many plays in your English classes. By taking drama you can get ahead of some of your assignments. You can become well versed in Shakespeare and many other playwrights you may learn about in literature class. If you are lucky enough to perform one of these plays, your drama teacher can give you great feed back that can be later used on writing literature essays. You will also get good at reading dramatic poetry scenes. Take advantage of this and volunteer to read out loud in class.

Make History and Science Come Alive

Acting skills won’t help you pass a test, but they can help in classes that you may need to do a presentation. Classes like history and science often make students do reports and then present them to the class. Besides having the confidence to get in front of the class, you can use your skills to make your presentation more entertaining. Don’t just read off your paper or computer screen. You can add some flair and get noticed. You may even get extra points for keeping the class entertained while they are learning what you are reporting.

Dig Deep in Psychology Classified

Most actors spend hours exploring psychological questions, like what’s my motivation, why would my character do this, or what does this action represent?

Asking these questions make it seem like psychology and drama go good together. You can take the self-reflexive questions and apply them to the same line of reasoning when writing psychological profiles about real-life case studies.

Make Brilliant Excuses

Now the best way to succeed in all classes is to do your homework and study for all tests. However, we have all had times when we could not get something done on time. For when these moments happen, have a good excuse waiting to tell your teacher. Instead of the old excuses like I was sick or I went to a funeral, try some improvisation. Adding some tears might get you a second chance with your teacher. But again, don’t do this too often. No matter how good you are at acting, your teacher may not me so willing the next time. Just do the work.


If you are thinking about taking a drama class, try it our. You can learn a lot of different things that can help you in other aspects of your schooling and life.