Choosing a Dance Style

If you are thinking about trying to learn how to dance, there are several different styles to choose from. Dancing is a great form of exercise and can be a lot of fun. It is also a great way to meet new people and a way to challenge your body. Whatever you reason for learning how to dance, you must first choose a style.

If there is already a type of dance that appeals to you, this is a good starting point in looking for which style fit you. You may become inspired from seeing other people dance on television, in movies, on stage or even on the dance floor. Before committing to a dance class check out other styles to see if there is another one out there that you never knew about that you might be interested in.

You should always consider why you want to learn to dance. Are you doing it to get in shape? Do you want to be a back up dancer for a pop star? Do you want to be on Broadway? Your goal will also help you choose your style. If you want to dance professionally you may need to take a variety of classes. If you would like to impress on the dance floor, hip hop is a great class to enroll in. Maybe when you were younger you took some classes and now you are looking to catch up. Many adults are picking styles up now that they use to do when they were younger.

If you still can’t find the style for you the best thing to do is experiment. If your can’t figure which style you like, try out a couple different classes. You might think you like something and then find out you really don’t. You will never really know until you try it out. You could be surprised at which of the many styles out there that fits you the best.