Hip Hop Dancing

Hip hop dance is most widely recognized because of the music. The first dance that came out of the hip hop culture was break-dancing. Even though break-dancing is done mostly on the ground, most other dance moves are done standing up.

Hip Hop Culture

There were several other cultures that help develop hip hop. They include jazz, tap, rock, American and Latino cultures. Hip hop dancing is very fast pass and energetic. It allows one to dance freely and add their own personality into it. The hip hop culture was also influenced by disc jockeys, graffiti art, rappers, and b-boy and b-girls.

Hip Hop Dance Steps

This dance style requires skill and experience. There is a lot of practice required to master the basic steps to make everything look smooth. It is best to have a lot of rhythm to learn the steps faster. This is a more freeing dance style.


This is a form of hip hop that includes quick spinning moves that many people enjoy watching. The moves that are performed on the ground take a lot of practice to get perfect. These ground moves are called”downrock”, while moves performed standing up are called “upmoves”. Again, by adding all these moves together it allows one to add their own style to their dance.

Learning Hip Hop

The popularity of hip hop is growing and so is the amount of classes out there to take. More teens are seeing other dancers on television and in music videos and get inspired. Many dance teachers are taking advantage of this popularity and incorporating it into their teachings. However there are those who have deep roots in the hip hop culture that think it can’t be taught in a formal way. There isn’t a set of specific moves, but a feel for the dance.