Swing Dance

Swing dancing is one of the most lively styles of dance out there. It is a dance that normally involves lifts, spins and flips. This is a dance that is a favorite among social dancers of all ages.

Swing Style

Swing dancers are easy to spot on a dance floor, because they are usually the ones with smiles on their faces and having the most fun. The main characteristics of swing dancing are swinging, flipping and the throwing of dancers. The dance is mostly done in one spot on the dance floor. This makes it a great dance to show off on a crowded dance floor. It is a very quick and fast-paced dance. In most ballroom dances, the dance couple will have their hands on shoulders or around their waists, but in swing dancing the dancers hold hands and dance. It may take a lot of practice to get the dance perfect, but once you get it you will never want to stop.

Swing Dances

There are actually a variety of different dances under the term swing dance. The Lindy Hop is the most popular swing dance and it originated in Harlem. The East Coast Swing has influences of the Foxtrot and is often seen on the club dance floors. The West Coast Swing is a slotted dance, meaning the follower travels back and forth along a rectangle. The Jitterbug is another term used for swing dancing. The Jive a a fast-paced variation of the Jitterbug. The Boogie-Woogie is danced to rock or blues music. The Carolina Shag is danced to beach music.

Swing Music

The different styles of swing dancing all dance to different types of music. There is really no set style to dance to. The development of swing dancing has been influenced by different popular musics over time. It can be danced to jazz, hip-hop, blues, rock-n-roll, ragtime, R&B, funk and pop. Most swing dancers like to dance to music with different rhythms, so that at the slower beats they can get a little bit of a break from the fast-paced movements of the rest of the dance.

Swing Fun

Swing dancing takes a lot of energy, but can be a lot of fun. It is also a good way to meet new people. If you are learning to swing dance in a class, then there will be many other people there all trying to have a good time. In a class style you will be taught the basic steps and patterns. After you get these steps down, you can then start to add your own steps and flare. Make sure to have fun and dance responsibly.


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