Tips for Tap Dancing

Tap dancing is a dance that requires a lot of practice, patience and determination. But once you get the hang of it, it can be a really fun dance to perform. Whether you are taking beginning classes or are on your way to becoming an expert tap dancer, there are a few simple things that can help you reach your goal. The following are a few tips to help improve your dancing skills.

Relax Your Ankles

Every dancer wants their moves to look easy and effortless. In tap, a key component to making the dance look clean, is to relax the ankles. When performing steps quickly, try not to overuse your ankles. Use your legs more, starting at the hips. This will help limit the movements from the ankles. Allowing the legs to do the work will let the feet just follow along. Make a conscious effort to relax your ankles.

Lean Forward

A key for any tap dancers is the placement of their body weight. The feet have to have the capability of being lifted at any moment. The dancer’s center of gravity has to stay primarily in the middle. A good position to hold would be, to hold your weight forward and balance on the balls of your feet when dancing.

Slow Down

When beginning to learn how to tap dance, many dancers tend to want to dance as fast as they can. This leads to rushed steps and speeding through combinations. When you rush, your steps will run together and will cause a blending of individual tap sounds into one. You need to slow down if you start skipping steps in the combinations. A performance is a lot better when you can produce clean tap sounds instead of sloppy, speed tapping.

Keep the Rhythm

Tap dancing is performed with music. However you are also creating music. When dancing, try to keep in time with the music. You don’t want to compete with the music. Listen to the music and move in time to the beat. When a dancer makes their tap sounds compliment the rhythm of the music, then the performance can be magical.