Arts Advantage College Preparation

Arts Advantage is the only program of its kind designed to give high school students the BEST chance at successfully pursuing a degree in the arts.

South Florida’s  premier source for custom tailored, one on one tutoring on school selection, application requirements, interviews and  auditions

Arts Advantage is a new service designed for high school aged students  beginning no later than Junior year and continuing through First semester Senior Year.  We are able to personalize a program that will fit your schedule and maximize your potential for acceptance. We can also work with students who choose to take a gap year before applying to  college or who are not satisfied with the options they are given for their first time auditioning.

If you are currently working with private teachers or college advisors, we will work with them to help fill in the gaps and give you the competitive advantage necessary to being accepted into a Nationally ranked college or University.

Meet the Program Director

karenKaren Rodensky Rassler has been involved with the University Center for the Performing Arts for over 20 years. As a graduate of the University of Michigan in Theatre and Voice Education and the completing her Graduate studies at the Drama Studio, London, Karen spent several years performing in stage productions as well as the South Florida condo circuit. Shortly after moving back to South Florida, she decided to dedicate herself to arts training and education of children and adults joining Barbara Sloan, Gilda Pianelli and Debi Rodensky as Directors of the UCPA where she now acts as a consultant and master teacher. She is proud to have so many students who have successfully chosen theatre arts as a career and continues to keep in touch with many of them. In addition to the University Center, Karen is the Treasurer and Co-Director of the Paul L. Rodensky Foundation for the Arts (PLR Foundation), named after her incredible father whose love and dedication of the arts inspired her throughout her childhood.