Children’s Expression- Performing Arts Camps in Plantation, FL

If you have children who love to speak out, speak often, and act, maybe the most effective way to have them spend their summer is at a performing arts camp. Here, children can learn to channel their energy in a positive and structured manner.

Summer camp in Plantation FLPerformance Camps or Theater Camps combine the aspects of music, acting, costumes, organization, timelines, and responsibility into one activity. Oh yeah and they are a ton of fun as well!

There are many different Performance Arts Camps that offer a wide variety of activities for children of all ages, whether they are interested in dance, theater, music, or visual arts.

There are summer programs that are offered for children in Junior High and High School looking to participate in plays or musicals. These camps are full day and are slightly more pricey, but your child is guaranteed to love his or her experience with performing arts and will be part of a  well-known production.

There are also several music camps, focusing more on the musical aspect of performing arts. These full day camps have sessions for kids ages 8-18 interested in rock, jazz, or “musical” music.  These camps have enough variety to ensure every child of every age the ability to play the music they want to play.

Before you decide what is the best option for your child, it is recommended to look around online and read some of the comments from previous year’s participants or their parents.

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