Great Ideas For Kid’s Summer Camps in Sunrise, FL

Summer camp used to be a one stop shop for kids, offers a week of arts and crafts, ghost stories, and a few hikes. Nowadays, camps are available for children who have very specific interests and who want to spend their summer break learning about a particular subject. Instead of your child returning from summer camp thrilled with only one activity they enjoyed the entire week and complaining about the remaining time, your child will come home filled with stories about their new-found passion.

summer camp for kids in Sunrise FL The trick is finding a camp that revolves around something they love. If enrollment in summer camp is starting soon, sit down with your child and explore the option. Your only requirement should be that they enjoy their chosen camp and agree to get their money’s worth from the time they are there. If your child loves horses, consider sending them to horseback riding camp.

You may have a few additional expenses other than their enrollment such as a helmet cover or special clothing, but it will be worth the cost. Helmet covers allow your child to be safe while learning to ride and care for horses at camp.

Another option is art camp. Crafty kids will love time to focus on creating masterpieces and best of all, at a good art camp; they will have access to materials they would be able to work with at home. They may get a chance to use a pottery wheel, paint on a giant stretched canvas, or create stained glass art. These activities would be costly if practiced on their own, but at an art camp, kids get to experience a variety of art medium all during their time at camp.

Kids with a passion for space will love astronaut camp. This is one of the most popular camp options for kids and it exposes them to an astronaut’s responsibilities and privileges. Not all areas have a nearby astronaut or space camp, so there may be some travel expenses associated with your child’s enrollment. However, astronaut camp may be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so if your child expresses interest, give it serious consideration before making your decision.

If your child has a flair for the dramatic, consider enrolling them in theater or performance camp. These camps focus on all aspects of performance and you can find one that specializes in dance, dramatics, or singing. Some even combine the three so kids get exposure to all parts of performing. Most camps put on a performance at the end of the session, so parents have something to look forward to in addition to their child’s happiness.

A final camp to consider for your child is health or weight loss camp. While many of these camps come with a stigma of being camps for fat kids, the truth is these health camps are very beneficial to all kids these days. Camps are located across the country and teach kids how to have fun outdoors, how to make healthy food choices, and how to cook. Kids who attend these camps make special connections with other camps and return home ready to take care of their health.

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