Performing Arts Summer camps for children in the spirit of “Glee”

Kids obsessed with the hit show ‘Glee’ can be themselves and in the spotlight at performing arts camps countywide.


Performing Arts Summer camp Weston FLThe highest rated television show among teens has prompted a new trend in summer camps that will keep children singing and dancing all summer long.

It is totally about the “Glee’” factor.  “Glee’  is about being yourself and being able to express yourself through song and dance.

The show Glee is as popular as it gets. In its 2009 pilot year alone, Glee was nominated for 19 Emmy Awards, four Golden Globe awards, six Satellite Awards and 57 other awards.

The cast is an assembly of misfit characters who, while dealing with social and personal issues, come together for fantastic choral theater productions that make everyone feel like a winner.


This year, the summer of 2011, we can find several Performing Arts Summer Camps that offer similar performing experiences for children, who feel the urge to act, sing and dance, and want to become part of a team, rather a community of kids who share the same interest.

When kids want to perform, they have to find an outlet to do it, and the important thing is that they learn something along the way.

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