Selecting the Right Dance Class for Your Children

Choosing the right dance class for your children is extremely important so that they will enjoy learning and they can grow physically and mentally. 

children's dance class Ft Lauderdale

Most studios will provide a variety of styles of classes.  These will likely include classes like, Ballet, Jazz, Combination, Modern, Tumbling, Tap, Hip Hop, Break dancing, and so forth.  Performing Arts studios will also include classes in Acting, Music and other art areas.

In terms of choosing a dance class for your children, for younger ages is often good to start them in a Combination class.  Combination classes typically provide a variety of different styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Tap,  and so forth.  These classes allow young students to learn a variety of styles and help them to learn which styles they like most.

As students get older they will be able to choose from classes that cater to a specific form of dance such as Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Modern. 

Ballet is often offered as straight classes or in larger studios under a conservatory.  The regular ballet classes will teach the various ballet techniques.  A conservatory is much more rigid and is for the student that is very serious about ballet and is looking to take their ballet to a higher level. 

Acting classes are exceptional to build confidence and self esteem while providing skills that will be used through a student’s life and careers.  

It is always a good idea to evaluate the class before signing up.  Most studios will allow you to evaluate a class for free and you.

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