Top 10 Reasons to Send Your Child to Summer Art Camp in Plantation FL

summer camp Plantation FLWondering if summer art day camp is right for your child? Whether your child is into drawing, painting, photography, crafts, pottery, or just likes to have fun and be creative, you’ll find one of our workshops that is just right for them. Specialized programs also abound, including both our theatre/performing arts, and fashion lab summer programs.

There are so many great reasons to send your child to summer art camp. The following are just a few:

1. Fun and Lifelong Memories. Ask any adult about their summer camp experiences as a child and you’re likely to get story after story about new friendships and great experiences, creative endeavors, and exposure to all sorts of innovative activities. There are many ways a children can spend the summer – in summer school, hanging out with friends at home, taking a summer vacation with the family, or just lazing about in front of the television complaining of boredom.

Summer Art Camp is by far one of the most creative and enriching options available.
Most kids await summer camp with anticipation, excitement, and joy, knowing that the summer holds days filled with games, activities, and new experiences. Even kids who are reluctant to go to camp at first will usually look back fondly on their experiences at summer art camp. summer art camp is definitely an experience that every kid (especially a creative kid) should have at least once.

2. Confidence. Children learn a specific set of skills at home and a separate set of skills at school. Summer Art Camp opens doors to a whole new world of artistic skill development, as they are presented with new situations, relationships, and challenges. New experiences such as throwing a pot, finishing an oil painting, sketching flowers and birds on nature walks or just photographing the world at large; create opportunities for children to build on small successes and feel good about their accomplishments. By the end of summer, campers are ready to return to school with improved leadership and social skills, and greater confidence in their own abilities.

3. Character Building. Summer Art Camp is a place where children will discover their talents, interests, and passions. Shy children or kids with low self-esteems find that they excel in the arts while gaining confidence in their own creativity. By the fall they are ready to bring those skills (and newfound self-belief) back to school with them. Lots of experiences at camp build character, and contribute to the overall development of your child in becoming a well-rounded integral part of society.

4. Peer Support and a Sense of Community. At Summer Art Camp, kids spend their days with a group of staff and peers who come from all walks of life, from all different cultures and through art they grow to know one another well. This closeness fosters tolerance and acceptance and creates a strong sense of community, which in turn helps children develop a sense of belonging and teamwork. These valuable skills translate to the home environment, where they help to reinforce the sense of family cohesion .These newfound relationships also give kids the confidence and experience they need to make better choices on their own and reject so called friends and/or classmates who do not have their best interests at heart.

5. Educational Gains. Research shows that students generally score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer vacation than they do at the beginning of summer vacation. But the summer doesn’t have to be a vacation from learning. Summer Art Camp offers a variety of educational opportunities with its core curriculum approach to imaginative learning. Rather than spending three months completely removed from academics, summer art camp creates many opportunities for hands-on learning as well as more formal instruction, ensuring a smooth transition back to school.

6. Positive Role Models. Although your 7 to 12 year old is no longer a baby and is well on their way to becoming an adult, they still have a lot to learn from positive role models. At home, parents may be wonderful role models, but the average child is far more influenced by the opinions and actions of his peers.
At Summer Art Camp, children have a number of adults to look to as mentors, including head teachers, teacher assistants, and even junior campers assistants who are all very passionate about working with your child and trained to ensure safety in every aspect of camp life. They model appropriate behaviors, healthy ways to resolve conflicts, teamwork, and service to others.
These authority figures, who spend apportion amount of time with the campers, are experts in establishing trusting bonds with children and helping them learn important lessons without the resistance and attitude parents often receive. They also challenge the kids to decide what kind of person they really want to become and help them set and achieve their creative goals, while simultaneously working with parents to make significant strides at home.

7. Independence. For children who have never been away from home, Summer Art Camp may be their first opportunity to test their skills and abilities without assistance from mom and dad. This is particularly important for youngsters who will soon embark on their transition to high school. All adolescents, particularly those who are shy, reserved, or socially withdrawn, leave summer camp with a renewed sense of personal power and independence.

8. Appropriate Risk-Taking. In order to succeed, children have to learn to take some risks in life – sure, they will sometimes make mistakes and fail, but our camp teachers and their assistants know that this is often the best way to learn. Summer Art Camp encourages kids to take calculated risks and push themselves beyond their perceived limits. If your child always wanted to try something new artistically ? Maybe sculpting wood/clay, sitting down to a potters wheel, or mixing crazy colors? Summer Art Camp will make it happen, while ensuring every camper’s safety and the satisfaction of both campers and their parents . By helping your child take calculated risks early in life, they will learn how to achieve success even when the task seems insurmountable – and will also have many new experiences few others at their age could even imagine.

9. Responsibility. Ever battle with your child to get him/her to make his/or her bed or clean up their room? Eat breakfast? Pick up after themselves? Summer Art Camp will require your child to organize their personal items, contribute to group chores, maintain their personal spaces, and follow a set schedule. And surprisingly, once they get into the groove of camp life these routine tasks become second nature. Kids take responsibility for their own care without debate, setting the stage for good habits and self-care at home.

10. Teamwork. Although kids these days tend to be fairly self-absorbed, it is possible to teach them the value of teamwork and cooperation. Summer Art Camp takes your child away from the computer screen and/or television and provides them with positive face-to-face creative interaction. During exhibits and/or shows, wall murals, group collages, and even snack time preparations, your child will learn how much better daily life can be when everyone works together. When conflicts or disagreements arise, staff members are around to model healthy communication and resolution of problems. These skills are essential to every relationship your child will create now and in the future, whether at camp or at home, and are the building blocks for lasting friendships and relationships in general.

In addition to the countless benefits Summer Art Camp offers children , it is also a rare opportunity for parents to catch up on their own lives. Rather than acting as full-time parent and chauffeur/chaperone, you can read a book, spend time with your spouse or friends, catch up on work or just enjoy some free time this summer while resting easy knowing that you are doing something wonderful for your child. As you busily take care of life at home, your camper will be increasing in their artistic knowledge all while enjoying their summer in a safe and productive space.

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