Before Buying a Beginner Guitar or Bass

Starting to learn how to play a musical instrument is a big investment. You will spend a lot of time practicing and learning how to play the best you can. It can also cost you a lot of money when purchasing your new instrument. When wanting to learn how to play the guitar, the first step is to choose between learning on an electric guitar, acoustic guitar or on a bass guitar. Once you choose the type of guitar, you must set a budget. However much your budget is, you should try to avoid the really cheap instruments. These will make it harder to learn how to play them and they won’t have a good re-sale value.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars allow for a hassle free way to learn. There are no amplifiers or cords that need to be purchased. The draw back with an acoustic guitar is that they are harder to play. If you get a low quality guitar it can become extremely difficult learn and progress quickly. Avoid buying cheap guitars from pawn shops. A little more expensive guitar can pay off in the long run.

Electric Guitar

If you want to start learning guitar with an electric guitar, you are going to need more money. You will have to buy an amplifier along with the guitar. These guitars are usually easier to learn how to play. You will see improvement faster. Always keep in mind the type of music you like to listen to and want to play. If it is electric in orientation, then an electric guitar is the best for you.

Bass Guitar

The bass guitar is not traditionally used to start learning how to play guitar. If you want to learn rock and roll, then this is your guitar. Rock and roll is also a little easier to learn. You may be able to play a new song within a few weeks. The big downside to playing a bass guitar is that it sounds “empty” without other instruments or guitar to accompany it.


When ever you want to start learning a new instrument, make sure to do your research. Look into the different types and what they will cost you. Take your time in choosing the right instrument for you.