Dance Recital Must-Haves

Dance recitals are a very exciting time for young dancers. It shows off everything they have learned throughout the year. The backstage area can be a crazy experience if you are not prepared. Many adults will find themselves going back and forth because they forgot something that is needed. The key for parents to make it through the recital and help their child out is to try and remain calm. The following are some key things that might be needed at any recital, so don’t forget to bring them.

Extra Tights – Always bring an extra pair of tights. Bring one for each color that will be worn in the recital. Runs in tights can be seen on stage.

Bandages – Extra bandages come in handy when an unexpected blister or scratch makes an appearance. Just remember to bring the clear one so they are not visible through the tights.

Hangers – Bring a hanger for each costume that your child will be wearing. Hang the costumes up as soon as you get  there so they don’t get wrinkled. Also, a big thing is to actually remember the costumes!

Safety Pins – Have safety pins in various sizes in case there are some last minute alterations that need to be done.

Baby Wipes – These are great for quick clean ups. And can help in fixing make-up mistakes.

Snacks – Pack some healthy snacks in case your child gets hungry or needs a little energy. Some good choices are granola bars, grapes, and small crackers.

Pain Reliever – Bring a pain reliever for your child for those muscle aches or headaches that can pop up. These can ruin a recital for any dancer. You might also find yourself needing one for your nerves.

Clear Nail-Polish – If you forgot to bring the extra pair of tights or your child still gets a run in their tights, clear nail polish can help. Applying a small amount to the run or snag can help stop it from getting out of hand.

Make-Up – Touch ups in the make-up area are always a good idea right before going on stage. Make sure you are using colors that have been approved by the teacher.

Camera – One of the most important items to remember is the camera. You will want to get as many pictures of your child as you can. They may not be allowed to be used during the show, but pictures before and after will make great shots. Candid images of your child will help you and them remember their day forever.