Getting the most out of your dance class

Dance classes are a big commitment and can cost a lot of money. Why not try to get the most out of the class by being prepared. These are a few tips for having a successful dance class every time.

Arrive Early – It is always best to arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes early. This will allow you time to warm up and stretch out. Plus teachers take notice In those that arrive early. It shows them that you are interested in learning. If you do arrive late, try to enter the studio as quietly as possible.

Save the big meals for later – Don’t eat a heavy meal before class. Dancing on a full stomach is not a good idea. You should eat a small snack that is packed with high energy. Some good foods to snack on are fresh fruit, yogurt, nuts or dried fruits.

Wear the right clothes – Always wear what your instructor has told you is appropriate. Always wear clothes that fit your body. If your leotard is to tight here or to loose there it will affect how you dance. And always make sure your shoes are the right size.

Fix your hair – Make sure to pull your hair back away from your face. You do not want it getting in the way when you are dancing. Most ballet dancers like a tight bun but if your hair is to short try a tight pony tail.

Clear your Mind – Make sure to leave the outside world outside. Some see dancing as a stress reliever. Use this time to relax and have a fun time. Forget about your worries and concentrate on your dance.

Claim your space – When you enter the studio find a spot that you like and make sure you have plenty of room. Some dancers arrive early just to pick the best spots that are normally in the front row. Just make sure that you can see and hear you instructor.

Be sensitive to injuries – If you have an injury, don’t over do it. If you have a sore muscle, it will be more vulnerable to further injury. An njury will not last forever, unless you don’t allow it to heal properly. A small injury can turn into a significant injury if you don’t take a break. Listen to your body.

Learn at your own pace – Not everyone learns at the same rate. Take your time and ask questions if needed. That is what teachers are there for. Don’t be afraid of not looking like everyone else in your class. Try your best and have fun.