Guide to Ballet for Parents and Kids

Learning the art of ballet can have many positive benefits for children. Ballet lessons can help foster a positive self image for girls and boys. They will learn skill, grace, poise, self discipline and self confidence. If a young person wants to become a skilled ballerina, they will have to put a lot of effort and practice into learning the difficult poses and steps. The first steps in mastering ballet is to learn the rules and traditional techniques that have been passed down for centuries. The following are some helpful tips to get through a ballet class.

Getting Ready for Ballet Class

When starting ballet classes, you will probably feel a bit of anxiety. Many questions might be going on in you head, like what should I wear or how do I wear my hair? Just keep in mind that most of the other students will also be feeling the same way. Try to relax, stay calm and try to have fun. And don’t forget, if you have questions ask your teacher. They are there to help you learn.

First Ballet Steps

In the first ballet classes you will be learning the basic techniques and positions. The teacher will teach you how to hold your body correctly. This will include how to position your hands and how to point the toes. To improve coordination and flexibility, you will practice skills like skipping and jumping. 

The Importance of Stretching

One of the most important things in learning ballet is stretching. Dancers need to have good flexibility in order to move their body into the right positions without injuring themselves. You should stretch before every class. It is best to make it a habit so your body will always be ready. Most teachers will start a class off with some stretching warm-up, but it is still a good idea to arrive early and do some of your own stretches. 

Recital Fun

Most private dance studios hold a recital at the end of the year. Recitals are a showcase of the progress done by the children in the class. These also allow young dancers to see what a real performance could feel like. After working so hard for a year, students will feel a sense of accomplishment. These recitals also allows parents to see what their children have learned and get to take pictures and videos of them. Once a recital is done, the young dancers will normally feel a sense of confidence.

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