Health Benefits of Dance

If you are trying to stay in shape, you should think about dancing. Dancing has many positive health benefits while also being fun to do. These are just a few of the health benefits you will get after you start dancing.


An important part of dancing and being healthy is your flexibility. Most dance classes will begin with a warm-up that includes stretching. To become a great dancer, you need to have full range of motion from the major muscle groups. The more range of motion you have the more the muscles will flex and extend. Many dance forms consist of moves that make you bend and stretch. So the more dancing you do the more flexible you will be come.


The ability of muscle to exert a force against resistance is known as strength. When you are dancing, you are forcing the muscles to resist against your own body weight. This helps build up your strength. Dance styles like ballet and jazz, have steps that include leaping in the air. Leaping requires a lot of strength from major muscles in the legs. Ballroom dancing also helps build strength. The men normally lift their partners in the air.


The ability of muscles to work hard for long periods of time without fatigue is known as endurance. The more you exercise the more you will increase your endurance. Dancing is a great form of exercise. Vigorous dances, like line and ballroom dancing, done regularly will help improve your endurance. If you are elevating your heart rate you will increase your stamina. The more dancing you do, the higher your endurance will become.

Sense of Well-Being

Dancing can be seen as a social activity. The better you are at socializing, the better your self-esteem will be. If you are taking a dance class, you will most likely make friends with some of your classmates. This can help with social skills. In a class you may feel more free to dance without feeling self-conscious. You can then take this ability with you when out with friends. Physical activities like dancing is also known to help reduce stress and tension.

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