How to pick the right dance class for your kids.

If your looking for an after school activity for your child, why not consider dance classes? Dance classes have the benefit of providing activity for you kid, allowing them to make new friends, and even improving co-ordination. These are a few tips in picking the best dance for your child.

Choose the style

There are many different styles of dance classes and lessons out there to help your child chose what style they like the most. Research the styles you child may be interested in and have a chat with them about which they prefer. Some classes and lessons include ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop/break dancing, modern, lyrical, calisthenics, world dance, folk, ballroom, swing and many more.

Ask around

The best way to get honest information about a dance class is to ask other parents. Ask the parents of kids in the class if they would recommend it for your child.

Finding the right studio

After you have narrowed down the list of dance style, check out a few different studios. It is best to check these out without your child just in case they fall in love with the place and you do not. Do a bit of snooping by checking out to see if the place is clean or if the instructors seem qualified to do their job. If you see what you like, organize for your child to sit in on a class to see if they like it. Also take into account travel. Think
about your local studios or those more reputed dance studios two suburbs away.

Adding up cost

Most after school activity costs can add up quickly. It is important to get an idea of the overall cost of the dance class. Ask the instructor for an outline of the cost of classes, how many performances (if any), if you have to pay for costumes, and average cost of equipment. Also factor in the price of gas to get there and back. Don’t be afraid to look around for similar classes that use less costuming or equipment if a price is too high.


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