Tap Dance Classes

Those who may be interested in learning how to tap dance, may be wondering what to expect during their first few classes. Tap is a high energetic and lively form of dance. Prepare to work hard, use a lot of energy, and have fun.

In a beginners tap dancing class you will mostly learn the basic steps in the first classes. If you are fairly coordinated, you should be able to catch on rather quickly. Most classes will start with a warm up to help prepare your ankles and feet and loosen your legs.

Next you will learn and go through a series of tap drills. These drills consist of several basic steps. While the steps may seem simple, they will be the basics for the rest of the learning. The key to tap is to make clear and distinct tap sounds. You must train your ears to hear extra sounds that need to be eliminated and concentrate on the taps. After the drills, you will then learn a series of tap combinations. These combinations consist of several basic tap steps
connected with simple transitions.

The last part of the class is normally a cool down. You will be lead in some stretches that will help loosen muscles in the legs and ankles. While your feet may hurt, you will want to practice at home to be ready for your next class. Remember to have fun.