Ballet Tights

When starting to take a ballet dance class, one of the first things you will get is a leotard to wear while dancing. You will also need to get tights that are worn under the leotard. They need to fit snugly on the legs. This will give a dancer a neat and tidy appearance as well as an elongated look. Tights come in many styles and colors.

Convertible Tights

Convertible tights look like regular footed tights, but they can be โ€œconvertedโ€ to footless ones. The tights are pulled upwards over the foot. A major advantage of the convertible tights, is the ability to pull the tights off the foot quickly. This allows the ballet dancer to adjust pointe shoe pads, or to quickly slip on a pair of flip-flops.

Care of Ballet Tights

Most dancers will go through many pairs of tights. Tights are meant to cling to the legs, so this makes getting them on and off without snagging tricky. Instead of pulling them up all the way from the toes, try bunching up the leg part before slipping it over the foot. Then carefully unroll the tights up the leg as you go. It is always best to hand wash tights. You can also try washing them in a mesh bag on the gentle cycle. Always allow them to hang dry.

If you do get a small run or snag in the tights, you can apply a small amount of clear nail polish. Put it around the edges to prevent further tearing. You will be able to get some more use out of your tights. It is advised to always carry at least one extra pair of tights for a performance. Remember tights snag easily.