How to Get Started in Break-Dancing

Break-dancing can be a difficult dance to learn and master. Like most dances, it takes a lot of practice along with trial and error. If trying to learn at home, these are a few tips to help you get going. There are many examples of different breakdances on the internet that can be used to get inspiration from. Break-dancing can be a slightly dangerous dance, so always practice with care and don’t try anything to difficult.

Getting Started

Always warm up before beginning to dance. Stretching before and after you dance will help reduce the risk of injury. The key to breakdance is to incorporate your own style. There are no set rules, just guidelines to help you learn. You can also bring in other dance forms to make it a bit more interesting and different. It is best to practice on a large smooth floor. If possible, crash pads, cushioned surfaces or wrestling mats are helpful when practicing. Safety is also key. Practicing with other dancers can also help you learn and get new ideas.


Most times break-dancing is danced to hip hop music. But there are other uptempo jazz tunes that are good to dance to. To get more ideas, go to clubs and look out for b-boy battles, in which dancers will battle each other. Record yourself dancing, so you can see the different things you are doing. If there are no other dancers or friends to dance in front of, dance in front of a large mirror.

What you Need

The follow are are few items that will help make learning how to breakdance easier and safer.

A helmet, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, headband, wristbands and sneakers.


Today there are many new hip-hop and break dancing classes available. Find one near you to help learn with others and in a safer manner.