Making Ballet Shoes Last Longer

As we all grow up, we are continuously buying new shoes. Parents know the trouble with trying to keep up with their child’s changing foot size. Dance shoes are no different then regular shoes. While the shoes fit your child, you will want to help keep these shoes in good condition. The following are a few tips in how to prolong the life of most ballet shoes.

Keep them Clean – For ballet shoes that are canvas, wash them on the gentle cycle with a little bit of mild detergent. Then allow them to air dry. Leather ballet shoes should be spot cleaned with a damp cloth. If a deep cleaning is needed, use a dab of mild detergent, then wipe clean with a soft dry cloth.

Only Wear them to Dance – Try to avoid wearing the ballet shoes to and from the dance studio. Ballet shoes are not meant to be worn like street shoes are outside. Keep them in the gym bag and try wearing some flip-flops to class.

Stretch the Leather – Leather ballet shoes may be stretched a little to help them fit for a longer time. Try stretching them by placing a wooden spoon inside the toe of the shoe and gently stretch the leather.

Loosen Drawstrings – Loosening the drawstrings will allow for more space for the entire foot. This can buy your a couple more months with the shoes.

More Tips – Don’t buy ballet shoes that are too big. You might think you can grow into them, so you can keep them longer. However, ballet shoes are designed to fit snugly on the foot. If you do need to buy another pair of ballet shoes, try asking around for second-hand shoes. Look in consignment shops and ask other parents if they have any old shoes.


Taking good care of your shoes from the start will help keep them in good condition longer. Have fun while learning to dance but also take good care of those ballet shoes.