Making Your Pointe Shoes Last Longer

Ballet dancers normally dance several hours a day in a regular week. All the practicing and dancing can make a dancer have to go through several pairs of pointe shoes in a year. With pointe shoes normally costing around $100, replacing them so often can cost a lot of money. There are a few things you can do to help make your dance shoes last longer. The following tips can help extend the life of most pointe shoes.

Keep Pointe Shoes Dry

After dancing in the pointe shoes, make sure to allow them to dry completely. Dancing so many hours on the the tips of you feet, will cause your feet to sweat, and the shoes can get really wet. The wetness in  the shoes can cause the toe box to break down. If you allow them to dry completely between dance sessions, then the toe box has a better chance of lasting longer. It is not a really good idea to stuff wet pointe shoes into your dance bag. Try tying them to the outside of the bag to help start the drying process. Once you get home, place the shoes under a fan to help dry them completely.

Apply Pointe Shoe Hardener

Shoe hardener or shellac helps with moisture absorption in the shoes. You should apply the shoe hardener to the outside and inside of the toe box, to both sides of the shank (inside and outside), under the shank and to the pleats and seams. After application, allow the shoes to dry completely before wearing them. You can purchase pointe shoe hardener at local dance shops or even on line.

Alternate Pointe Shoes

When buying pointe shoes buy two pairs of them. This will allow you to let one pair dry completely while wearing the other pair. If the shoes are even a little damp when you wear them, then the glue won’t dry and the shoes will start to disintegrate. Shoes that have plenty of time to rest and thoroughly dry will make them last much longer.

Pointe shoes must mold closely to the dancer’s foot. This will make them retain moisture. The key to keeping your pointe shoes last longer is to keep them dry when not wearing them.