Acting Classes


ADULT DEPARTMENT STATEMENT: The Eric Morris System is based on the 80 year old system created by Stanislavski and brought to the States by Lee Strasberg under the name of The Method. Morris’s work goes beyond the method in dealing with the instrument with the belief that it is virtually impossible for an actor to learn. or execute a process of acting without first eliminating blocks, tension, fears, inhibitions and other such obstacles to expression. It is the first system of acting to be developed in 80 years. The system has hundreds of exercises and techniques dealing directly with freeing the instrument and thus allowing the actor to be him/herself. From a state of “doing no more or less than what he/she feels” the actor can then use a craft that enables him/her to create reality on the stage or before a camera. Every actor’s fundamental training begins with work on him or herself with the exercise of will, concentration and sensory responses. The actor learns to think, to experience and to behave. Together with the use of improvisation, scene and monologue work, this creates the foundation for his/her “craft” and the development of imagination.