The Piano

Many people would like to start learning how to play the piano. There isn’t just one type of piano out there. There are many different styles, designs, shapes and sizes of pianos. There are two basic categories: the vertical and horizontal pianos.

Vertical Pianos: These pianos are called vertical because of the height and the position of the strings. Their height ranges between 36 and 60 inches. There are four types of vertical pianos.

  • Spinet: These are the smallest of the pianos. Their height is about 36 to 38 inches and have a width of 58 inches. The small size makes it the perfect piano for those who live in small spaces like an apartment. The spinet does have a downside known as “lost motion”. Because of the small size there is less power and accuracy.
  • Console: Their height ranges from 40 to 43 inches and the width is about 58 inches. The console is made with a direct action, giving it a more enhanced tone. These pianos come in different styles and finishes. They are perfect for those who like to match their furniture.
  • Studio: The height for these piano is about 45 to 48 inches and the width is 58 inches. These pianos are the one commonly found in music schools and studios. It has a larger soundboard and longer strings, giving it good tone quality and durability.
  • Upright: These are the tallest vertical pianos. Their height ranges between 50 and 60 inches with a width of 58 inches. These pianos are also some of the older pianos. When taken good care of, they can last a long time and maintain a rich tone.


Horizontal Pianos: The horizontal piano is commonly known as the grand piano. They get the name of horizontal because of their length and the placement of the strings. Grand pianos are known for having finer tones and has the most responsive key action. There are six basic types of horizontal pianos.

  • Petite Grand: With a range in size from 4 feet 5 inches to 4 feet 10 inches, theses are the smallest of the horizontal pianos. Even with their small size, they are still powerful.
  • Baby Grand: These range in size from 4 feet 11 inches to 5 feet 6 inches. A baby grand is very popular because of the sound quality, aesthetic appeal and affordability.
  • Medium Grand: Theses pianos are about 5 feet 7 inches.
  • Parlor Grand: This piano is can range between 5 feet and 9 inches and 6 feet and 1 inches. The parlor grand is also known as the living room grand piano.
  • Semi-concert or Ballroom: Their size is about 6 feet and 2 inches or 7 feet in length.
  • Concert Grand: These are the largest of all the horizontal pianos. They can be around 9 feet in length.