Things to Think about Before You Get a Piano

A piano is one of the most versatile musical instruments around. It can produce some of the most beautiful musical sounds of all the instruments. The piano can blend well with other instruments or it can be played perfectly by itself. There are many things to think about before purchasing a piano for yourself.


When buying something big, you always need to start with setting a budget. Predetermine how much you are willing to spend. Pianos can be one of the more expensive instruments to purchase. But they are also one of the most durable of all musical instruments.

New or Used

When properly cared for, a piano can be very durable and with stand the test of time. Most pianos have an average life span of about 40 years. Pianos are a great investment because of the durability and it also depreciates little over time. All this means that if you think a piano might be too much money, think about buying a used one. Not everything has to brand new. You should think about bring a piano teacher or piano tuner when purchasing a used one, so they can listen to the sounds it will make.

Size of Piano

The amount of room you have to keep the piano is also key in choosing one. The grand piano is a great sounding piano, one of the bests, but it is also very large and expensive. A great piano for the average size room is the spinet piano. It is small but still makes great music. Always do research on size and price.


Pianos come in many different sizes and styles. Look into the different types of woods, designs, shape, etc. Some people like to choose one that will fit in with their other furniture.

Where to Go

Pianos are one of the instruments that can’t really be bought online. They need to be seen and touched to determine their quality. Look through the classified sections to compare different prices of new and used pianos. Go to different stores and do more research on the prices and brands. It is also a good idea to bring someone who has played the piano before to help pick out the right one.

Ask Questions

Buying a piano is a big investment, so don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Know what you should be looking for. Ask about the durability, performance, sound, aesthetics and internal construction. Understand the different parts so you can tell if they are being truthful.

Warranties, Repairs and Other

Ask and see about how long the warranties will last on your piano. Ask about the repair and maintenance services that are available. Look into when your store is having a promotion or coupons are available. Ask if a piano bench is included or how much the delivery might cost you. Make sure the piano is clean.